Why Video Marketing is so powerful for your Digital Marketing?

It’s time to change the way you think about video. The days of shooting, producing and editing a single-serving video are over – your audience demands more, and your business deserves better.

Why Video Marketing is so powerful for your Digital Marketing?

Why Video Marketing is so powerful for your Digital Marketing?

In the coming years, no one would be asking this question. In the unprecedented rise of digital marketing, videos have played an integral part. Nothing else guarantees better conversion & genuine engagements than a properly made promotional video.  

 Your website still doesn’t have videos? You are falling behind. It’s time to prioritize video marketing in your digital marketing strategy. Asking why??

Let’s look into the top reasons why promotional videos are important for your Digital Marketing Strategy


Why Promotional Videos

A promotional video is usually a minute-long video that educates the viewers on the company/product/services.  It interestingly explains the benefits of the service and builds confidence around the company or brand.


Human Element

Your online consumers haven’t seen your company. It’s just an internet website that’s all.

With promotional videos you are giving the viewers a chance to see the company, making the brand more real & memorable. Any viewer can better connect through a promo video than with texts arranged in paragraphs/ pointers. It also increases the trust value at no extra cost


Brand Awareness

No one has time. It’s a fast world. So how would you explain your business in 1 minute.

You can’t but a Promotional video can.

 A short promotional video explains your business so that you don’t have to. It can even do it better. Your promo video can be funny, visually attractive, cutely animated, anyway that you want but in the end, it will always leave a lasting impression.


SEO benefits

Google owns You Tube & Google loves Videos.

So a promotional video on the website will definitely give you a higher rank on the Google Search page. There is no doubt about it. And what’s better is if you optimize your video content with the right keyword your Promotional video can come under suggested video section for a particular service


Cheaper Make better ROI

Are you thinking that Promotional Videos are expensive???

Unlike Popular opinion they are NOT expensive to make. It’s a one minute video & completely affordable for any medium to small businesses. Comparatively the ROI is just tremendous.


Any internet user cannot resist the play button. If we see a small-sized video on a website the viewer cannot help but click to know what it is. And if your video is interesting enough, the user would share it, talk about it & might want to use the brand itself


Increasing Visibility with shareable content

Internet generation loves to share. Sharing interesting posts, videos, memes on Social Media is sort of a habit. In this sharing circle videos rule

A video on Social media generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. (G2 Crowd). Any internet user cannot resist sharing an interesting video on social media. In that way naturally increasing brand visibility.


Measure Your Success

Promotional Videos can be measured too.

Video Marketing metrics let you track engagement, the number of Views, shares, Play rate, etc. One thing that is different for videos is updation. Each day technology is advancing so is the quality of media content. You cannot run your promotion with the same video for years. Video quality of 2008-10 is totally different from what we enjoy today. That’s where these video metrics will help to check your content & update it with the times.


Why Make My Film?

Promotional Videos are sure shot way for better marketing. There are no ifs & buts when it comes to this amazing video segment.  

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