Video Advertising – Right and Effective Way of Communication

Video Advertising - Right and Effective Way of Communication

“The business world has changed a lot after the pandemic. Businesses have started adapting to the new changes. It is always important to keep up with trends if you want to stay atop.”


COVID-19 have wreaked havoc in the country and it has become clear that the way the world is going to function after this pandemic is different. Companies, businesses be it service based or product based now have to adapt to the new working environment. Apart from businesses should adopt new marketing strategies to make a significant impact on customers. At the time where people are affected mentally, physically, and financially there are some organizations that took up video communication.

It is important to remember that this video communication is not just for promoting but also to help people. There are some videos that brought in motivation, there are some that entertained and then there were some videos that showed how organizations are helping people amidst this pandemic. Either way, video communication has played a very important part in keeping the audience hooked to the brand. 

Here are some of the benefits of opting for video marketing rather than normal advertising.


Your Target Audience Consume Videos

This should be the only probable reason that you need. The number of people who consume video content is a lot more than the usual advertising. It is said that more than 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube on every day basis. Do you need any other reason to produce video content? Opting for video marketing can take you even closer to the audience and make your brand resonate.

Although video marketing is rising, it is important for brands to understand that not every video that they create is going to attract an audience. They have to be extremely careful and creative at the same time. Videos with emotional content, be it heart-touching or funny are some of the great options that you can opt for when you are trying video marketing.


Search Engines Love Video Content

Not just your target audience, some of the giant search engine sites are also interested in ranking video content on top. Most of the search engine algorithm tweaks will result in a higher ranking of the video content. So, companies should start distributing their video content on various social media platforms, YouTube, embed it in their website and blogs too.

This will cause a better ranking of the site which will eventually help with your RoI. Your target audience will start finding the content that you put online even more easily now because of this search engine support.


Better Storytelling

When it comes to telling a story, there is no other better way than videos. Whatever you want to say, you can do it in a better way, every emotion will resonate with the audience and the video can have a much larger impact on them. It is no secret that videos are the best way to tell a story.

It will help in connecting the viewers’ emotions to your product/service.


Tell More in Less Time

Writing about your product or service will take time and reading it also needs a lot of patience. But that is not the case with videos. With the help of video marketing, you can tell a lot of things in quite less time.

Making the videos fun and engaging will help in attracting more audiences and keep you hooked at the same time.


Mobile Users Love Video Content

Now, this is another interesting thing that needs to be discussed. The number of mobile users who watch videos completely is increasing. Almost 88% of mobile users sit through the end of videos that are in the time frame of 30 seconds or less.

This is different for those who are viewing videos on the computer but all in all. However, people using the internet on mobile are on the raise and this is the right time for companies to push short video format marketing.

So, these are some of the advantages of video advertising for companies. If you are looking for a reliable advertising agency that can not only create videos for your brand but also market them in such a way that it reaches your target audience, then MakeMyFilm should be your go-to option. Check out our website for more details.