So, you’re now taking a step closer to working with us. That’s awesome!

We are excited to share our process with you.

From creative conception to production and promotion, our well-organized processes ensure you receive totally personalized and utterly effortless experience every time.

Check out our 5Ps easy process that makes working with us a breeze!




We’ll understand your Business, define your positioning, and conceive the video based on your target market. For that, we’ll first ask you to fill out a creative brief that will help us know your needs better, conceive ideas and brainstorm creative concepts for your video shoot.

Average Duration: 3-5 days


We’ll craft the script, storyboard the video, pick the right talent for the cast and crew, scout locations and work on all the elements we need to successfully shoot your video.

Average Duration: 7-14 days




We turn the script into a reality and bring life to the storyboard by shooting the video. From capturing footage to managing the crew to art direction and props, we take care of everything from start to finish.

Average Duration: 1-3 days


We edit the footage, handle color, add sound, music, voice-over, graphics, animation, subtitles, and do everything to craft an engaging video. We’ll get your feedback, re-edit if required and bring your video to perfection.

Average Duration: 2-3 weeks




We won’t simply sign off after you’re happy with the video. We go the extra mile to ensure your video gets the attention and praise it deserves while achieving your goals. From conceiving a digital strategy to marketing your video on social media, we do it all.

Average Duration: Depends