Hey you, you have uploaded your brand video, posted it with the right tags. Did everything you had to do but wait what???

There are so few views, no one has shared it & the comment section feels like a barren, empty & forgotten place. What is happening? Why is this happening???

We understand how you feel & that’s why we have come up with this blog article.  Because it’s difficult to explain your brand message in just 60- 120 seconds. And that’s where better scripting comes in.

The script is the foundation of your brand video upon which lies its success. So if you think a strong script isn’t important for a 2-minute ad film, then think again.

Did your thinking???

Now let’s get to the point. How to make a freaking good script for a branding video.

Let’s find out

How to Script a brand video?

Step 1  Plan Your Goals

Don’t go straight into writing your script or creating a rough sketch as well.  Start by understanding your goals & asking yourself these questions

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What should they take away from this video?
  • What is my approach?
  • Why will anyone watch my video?

Once you have rough answers to all these questions then you can more confidently sketch out your script for the brand video.


Step 2 Crafting Story outline

You want to emotionally engage with your target audience but then your branding video is just a script turned into a video format.

Where’s the story???

If you want to achieve any target with your brand video you can only do so by engaging/connecting with your consumer. For that, you need a story or narrative to get your viewers hooked till the end. 

In this step what you need to do is simple. Just write your video’s core or basic story you plan to display in just five sentences. Because the more precise it will be, the more clear you are in your head & the message will reach better.


Step3 Let’s build the story

Now comes the ‘work’ part or let’s say the fun part. Writing a good story

  1. Hook from the start

As obvious it is to everyone, it is the most difficult thing to achieve. To make this easier you write something emotional or out of the box. Something you know will grab viewers’ attention definitely.

  1. Focus on a single message

Remember I told you about five sentences core story, well here it’s the best usage. It will help you formulate a single message & wrap up your story around it accordingly.

  1. A strong message

Apart from telling about your brand, your script should give something to remember, something that viewers learn or seem fresh & interesting. Basically, the viewers should feel that their valuable 2min or 5 min were not wasted.


Step 4 Got to end it well

We are nearing the end but don’t lose heart or patience. Because you need to end well and reinstate your brand name/message into the viewer’s mind.

No, not a sudden logo or link.

Instead of these, you can ask questions/ suggestions

  • Sign up for a demo?
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  • What do you think about *this* concept? (Comment below)


Step 5 Check  Check  Check

So you have prepared a final rough draft script for your video.

Now pretend you are a viewer & read through it

Check for

  • Is Subject interesting all along & all you have planned is on the paper clearly or not
  • Vocabulary, words should be simple no usage of industry jargon


 Step 6 Edit It

Read your script multiple times. Make sure there are memorable lines & no unnecessary explanation.

  • Cut short longer sentences
  • Reword any extra information that you feel is going to look boring or adds extra time

Remember one thing while editing: It’s not about reducing the word count but preserving what matters the most to your brand video


Step 7 Read & Listen

So you have prepared your final script. It’s lying beside you in all its glory.

Now read your script aloud

Sounds stupid. No its not

Reading your whole script will help you to catch any word that is stopping the flow or seems utterly useless. You can also run your script through a program to check its voiceover read time.


Step 8 Get Feedback

So now you have gone through your script a thousand times.

Time to pass it on to fresh eyes

Usually what happens with writing is you think that you have written the best like this is the ultimate script. And when someone else reads it he/she/they tell you pointers/mistakes that you haven’t realized until now.

This is a good thing because not only does it give a fresh perspective to improve the script but also helps you correct errors that were literally invisible to you.

Tried these ideas? What do you think about them? Tell us through the below contact details


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