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If you’re interested in working with us, you might have a lot of questions popping in your head.
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Video Production

You need top-notch videos within your budget. You need an extremely talented and passionate crew who love what they do. You need a team that delivers on what they promise. You need originality, customization, and flawless quality. You need a company that’s totally easy to work with.

At MakeMyFilm, you can expect them all and more. Hey, just don’t take our word for it. Check out our works that speak for our quality, and see our client testimonials that vouch for our dedication and client satisfaction we deliver. And decide for yourself. Okay?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on various factors like the kind of video you want, style, duration, and timeframe (how quickly you want a video done).

That said, we make videos for all kinds of budgets. Whether you’re on a shoestring or have a deep pocketbook, we can get the videos done within your budget. Usually, we’ll pitch you 4-5 concepts with different budgets, from minimum to maximum amount. So, you can comfortably choose the one that best meets your needs.

Anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Usually, within this timeframe, we’ll deliver the first cut of the video. To incorporate your feedback/changes, it might take another 2 weeks. So, you can expect the final video delivery within 8 weeks.

Yep! We can absolutely deliver in shorter durations too. But that would increase the costs, as we have to speed up the entire production process. Though we don’t recommend rushing the project, in rare cases where exceptions can’t be made, we can agree upon a specific timeline for deliveries. And we’ll ensure the deadline is met come what may!

At MakeMyfilm, we go the extra mile to keep you happy. Once the production of the video is done, you’ll have 3 rounds of feedback to offer. You can suggest changes and edits in the video. And we’ll make the changes to ensure you’re happy with the video.

If you’re wondering whether 3 rounds of feedback are enough, be assured. Usually, most of our projects don’t go beyond 1 round of corrections

Well, in those rare cases, we do offer more revisions. However, there will be a small fee involved depending on the changes and edits you seek.

But from our experience, we can vouch that it wouldn’t take more than our standard 3 rounds of corrections.

Yes! We can work on multiple video projects simultaneously. However, the turnaround time would be increased depending upon the number of videos you require.

You own the copyright of the final video and you’re free to use it however and wherever you wish.

We’d seek a 50% upfront deposit to start working on your project. After completing the shoot, we’d request 25% of the balance payment to start the post-production work. Then, we’ll seek the final 25% after we deliver the first cut of the video to carry out the corrections.

Great question! We are not only a team of talented filmmakers, writers, editors, and artists, but we are a team of business graduates specialized in marketing and visual communicators. We understand your business better and communicate your ideas to your target market in an effective way. So you’ll not only get high-quality videos, but videos that deliver your message spot on and achieve your business goals like clockwork.


Shoot us an email or call us at +91 7337243724 so we can schedule a meeting at a convenient time to discuss your requirements. After our meeting, we will send you a contract. As soon as you sign it off, we would request you to make a 50% deposit to get the ball rolling.

Digital Video Marketing

Digital video marketing is nothing but using videos to exclusively promote or market your brand, product or service, improve engagement on your social media and digital channels, educate your target audience and reach a new audience on the Internet.

Depending on your goals, you can choose from a range of marketing videos like Ad Films, TV Commercials, Promotional Films, Theatre Ad Films, Brand Videos, Demo Videos, How-To Videos, Event Videos, Explainer Videos, Customer Interview Videos, Animated Videos, Authority Interview Videos, and a lot more. Ideally, you might need a mix of all these videos to ensure you come across fresh and entertaining to your audience.

Videos aren’t an expense. They’re rather an investment for your business. That said, yes, making videos are slightly expensive than creating text content for your business. However, if you consider the value it brings back in terms of engagement, leads, and sales, you’ll definitely find video marketing giving you a good ROI.

Also, remember, making videos is a one-time investment. And marketing videos on social media channels is very cost-effective.

It depends on various factors like the type of videos you require, the social media channels you pick to reach your target audience, and the goals you want to achieve through marketing.

For this reason, we cannot give you an upfront cost. But we can assure you that digital video marketing is cheaper than all other kinds of online marketing.

Since we can only give you a customized quote, we request you to get in touch with us for an obligation-free quotation for your digital video marketing.

With video marketing, you can get more followers for your brand, make more sales, generate more leads, attract the right talent for your company, boost your employee morale, reach a new audience, and boost engagement.

Absolutely! Video marketing is perfect for small businesses and start-ups. Because in a crowded market, you’ll able to engage your audience effectively, communicate your message clearly, and persuade your audience effortlessly. Videos allow you to cut through the noise and stand out.

Besides, statistics prove that video marketing is beneficial for all kinds of businesses. Video marketing is no longer a luxury, but an indispensable tool for small businesses and start-ups to grow their business.

Firstly, we’ll understand your business goals and craft a digital video marketing strategy exclusively for your business. Then, we’ll put the strategy into action. We will choose the right social media channels, create landing pages, add videos to your existing website, promote your videos online and via emails and do everything required to achieve your business goals.

Because videos offer the best ROI. Check out these stats that underscore the power of video marketing.

Besides, if you don’t invest in digital video marketing, you’ll be losing your clients/customers to your competitors. You don’t want that, do you?!

Yes! Absolutely. Did you know that websites with a video are 53 times more likely to end up on the first page of search engine results? Good videos ensure your users have a great experience, increasing their time spent on your website. This works well with search engines. Also, video marketing helps you get more backlinks, which is actually good for your SEO.

You can get results almost immediately. For instance, if you need a landing page video to generate sales or a marketing video to boost engagement on social media, you can track the results instantly.

However, long term goals like getting more followers, improving your brand reach, and enhancing your brand image might take anywhere between 4-8 months.

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