Does video marketing really work?

Does video marketing really work?

Well let see…

‘Close your eyes and miss me’…reminds you of which brand?

‘maraka manchidi???’…now which brand you think of?

‘haar ghoont mein swag’…or…’taste the thunder’?

‘googly woogly whoosh’…. I know you can complete it even before I put it in there. I can play this game for long since you are enjoying it but I am not here to do that. I am trying to make a point.

Do you get it now, If video marketing works or not?

These famous campaigns from corporate video production companies have taken their place in our minds for so long, you know why? Because a good marketing campaign works when added to visual; it will stay more in our eyes and minds longer to replay it again and again.

How does it work?

Stories are making better marketing because they cover emotions. They can influence who we trust, play on our nostalgia and help us make sense of complex information. A really good story can communicate the entire essence of the brand in less than a minute.

Playing on emotions is what video marketing do. It is not a bad thing at all. Since one way or other what we all try to do is to connect better with the people we love or care one way or other. That is what video market is trying to do too. Trying to bond with their target audience they care for using all kinds of tricks and treats.

You can see a funny depicting ad with a serious message or a sad emoting video with a comic point.
There can be videos with a message to change public or sugar coating videos to talk about awkward topics like sex.

How can you make it work effectively?

Almost 70% of video marketing services have discovered, that video has emerged as the content format that it is most effective for both engaging and converting online audiences.

Times are more challenging and gone are the days when creating an especially impressive video were the only piece of the puzzle. Today you need to refine your video strategy and start monitoring your performance too.

Marketing technology has evolved to fit the bill and you can now track exactly who’s watching your video content, and for how long.

A simple formula for a script concept can be to start with your customers’ pain points. Then explore what the consequences might be if a solution like the one you sell didn’t exist.

Whether you add a comedy sidekick, or look for how to make your customer’s pain points especially funny, these are both great approaches to brand storytelling too.

Another important thing to remember is that there are only a few things you can actually achieve with each 30-second video spot. Consult with your ad film agency on the one essential point of the video (the main objective that aligns with the goals of the business). Remind them that you’re not looking to include all of the messaging points in your video, rather you’re aiming to create a provocative, entertaining spot that gets people talking about, and remembering, the issue that your company can help them solve.


Most important thing is to find an ad film maker that understands your product, researches on your high and low points to achieve a maximum output on your ad film. Because I believe we are making it to make an impact on the public as well as ones making it should too. If the ones making it doesn’t get affected by the whole process and concept of the ad then how will the public feel any similar?

Never underestimate the people. If your ad film isn’t any better, they are going to toss it into dustbin like a flyer you give on a road. So you have to stay focused, enjoy the process, show feelings, bond with them.

If you are someone trying to figure out a good agency like that, you may consider make my film. Because I kept you engaged you for a while now then maybe make my film can do a better job.