Different Types of Video Marketing for your Business

Different Types of Video Marketing for your Business

“Brands are trusting video marketing more than ever and pushing this strategy onto various social and traditional marketing platforms. There are several types of marketing videos that brands can opt for and here are a few of them.”

Lately, companies are looking for new ways to market their business to the target audience. Although video marketing has been in existence forever, the dynamics are changing. Putting up an advertisement on television is not going to cut it. There are multiple ways to reach the target audience right now. This is where video marketing through multiple channels comes to the rescue.

One corporate film that you make will be compatible enough to be pushed onto various platforms. It can be published on social media platforms, ranked in the search engines, and at the same time shared in messaging apps. When you have these many options to explore for marketing, you have a high chance of getting confused. What types of videos will sit right with the audience? What are the types of video options that I have? These can be bigger questions.

In this article, we are going to explain to you a bunch of types of marketing videos that you can try.


Branding Videos

Branding videos usually means walking customers through your brand. Explaining them about your company in an interesting way along with its history, mission, vision, and goal. Along with these details, you can explain to customers how you can address their issues with your services or products. Branding videos are quite common and there is a section of customers who love to see these details.


Animated Videos

If you want to explain something that is tough to understand or hard to grasp, then animated videos can be your go-to solution. They are simple yet intriguing. These animated videos are capable of attracting people from different age groups.


Expert Interviews

Every company has experts who have knowledge of the type of product or service that the company offers. Bring such experts and interview them. This comes under informatic video type. In this social media era, customers focus on what kind of value you are offering them if you want them to follow you.

You put out marketing videos, BTS videos aren’t going to cut it. When you share valuable posts that can help them in one way or another, they will definitely follow you. These informative posts are nothing but a reason to make them follow your brand. There are different types of informative posts and of course, video stands atop of them all.


Ad Films

The ad films are nothing but promoting your brand across various platforms. These ad films should be creative and interesting enough to attract an audience. You won’t be sharing any kind of information in these videos rather you will be focusing on just marketing your brand in the best way possible. From funny jingles to raps, etc. there are a lot of things that you can do here.

These videos are something where you will get a chance to be creative and there won’t be any limits either. The target will be to put a stamp of your brand on the brains of viewers and it is quite easy to achieve too. The one thing that matters in these videos is how you can stimulate and make people connect emotionally with the brand.


Corporate Films

These are shot for creating brand awareness. These videos can be shared on various social media platforms and also you can use them in your meetings, conferences, etc. The corporate films will also help in getting your brand some traction.

So, these are some of the types of videos that you will find in the market. We have also added the purpose of each video too so that you can make your pick easily from them. At MakeMyFilm, we do all of the videos that are mentioned above.