Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad | Importance of Video Marketing

Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad | Importance of Video Marketing

Are you looking for Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad? Over the years the trend in digital marketing has a drastic change. Starting with Video content marketing. It has become the reason for success. Everywhere around the world. The implementation of the videos has a huge impact on the target audience.

Regardless of the competition in the market. Small or big companies are ready to practice different methods. To stand out and get that brand recognition. Now, more than ever, the audience is demanding variations in the content.

So, to meet their needs companies are changing their point of view towards marketing. To launch new products and services or to introduce a new feature in the product. Business owners are using a simple yet effective visual medium. Educating the viewers, entertaining, and of course, getting attention. Organizations putting their MasterCard. This means without letting viewers realize. Companies are injecting their brand name into people’s minds. Which leads to brand recognition.


Here are The Five Points How Videos Impact the Audience:

  • Online Presence:

Including a video on your landing page to increase the conversion rate by up to 80%. (Unbounce)

Having an attractive website is not enough to convert the web user into a lead. It requires more effort. The levels of difficulty can be lower. By adding the videos in your landing page or your home pages. Where it gives a reason for the visitor to stick around the website for a while. In the meantime, you can get a chance to put your offer, or point of view.

It let the buyer decide to make a decision. Moreover, the customers will have a great experience.


  • Getting personal:

In emails Adding videos can increase click rates by 300%. (HubSpot)

Emails have been an amazing way to interact with the prospectors. Yet, Emails can alone not get you where you are trying to go. Doing a little extra, creating the content for videos will put you a step further in competition. Using different email templates that are available in the market. You can add the videos to your emails. In that, you can showcase your thoughts, values, solutions. Put in practice this step will make this process more interactive and interesting. Instead of one-side conversations.


  • Choosing the right platform:

On YouTube video get over five billion views every day (VideoNitch)

Since you are preparing the video strategies. Keep in mind to choose the right platforms. There is no doubt YouTube could be your go-to option. Where you can leverage more traffic on your website and generate more leads. 

There is a wide scope, where you can answer the question that most marketers struggle for. How to get video ideas? You can get the answers to media content ideas from this platform.

It is a hub for different types of videos over the internet.


  • Use the power of communication:

70% of all global consumer traffic will be video-related in 2017.

The voice of brands getting louder every single day. As the numbers of video consumers are raising. The benefits of this video consumption is enormous. Videos not only view to sell the product but also interacting with the audience. Learning about them and an essential point, giving them an easy way to understand.


  • Psychology Fact:

According to statistics, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals information understood 60,0000 times faster than text.

The video vs text game, videos beat the text format content. It is simple for a layman to understand the images. Rather than text which takes time to process the information. By the above stats, humans understand and remember visual information for a longer period.

That’s the reason influencer marketing gaining recognition more. Researches show that over 100 million internet users watch a video every day. It levels up the scope of videos.


Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad:

When the trends are changing and the Videos are evolving in different types. Put your front step into the world of Advertising with Make My Film. A video production and marketing agency. Here, you can boost your business with different videos.

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