Does video marketing really work?

Does video marketing really work?

Well let see…

‘Close your eyes and miss me’…reminds you of which brand?

‘maraka manchidi???’…now which brand you think of?

‘haar ghoont mein swag’…or…’taste the thunder’?

‘googly woogly whoosh’…. I know you can complete it even before I put it in there. I can play this game for long since you are enjoying it but I am not here to do that. I am trying to make a point.

Do you get it now, If video marketing works or not?

These famous campaigns from corporate video production companies have taken their place in our minds for so long, you know why? Because a good marketing campaign works when added to visual; it will stay more in our eyes and minds longer to replay it again and again.

How does it work?

Stories are making better marketing because they cover emotions. They can influence who we trust, play on our nostalgia and help us make sense of complex information. A really good story can communicate the entire essence of the brand in less than a minute.

Playing on emotions is what video marketing do. It is not a bad thing at all. Since one way or other what we all try to do is to connect better with the people we love or care one way or other. That is what video market is trying to do too. Trying to bond with their target audience they care for using all kinds of tricks and treats.

You can see a funny depicting ad with a serious message or a sad emoting video with a comic point.
There can be videos with a message to change public or sugar coating videos to talk about awkward topics like sex.

How can you make it work effectively?

Almost 70% of video marketing services have discovered, that video has emerged as the content format that it is most effective for both engaging and converting online audiences.

Times are more challenging and gone are the days when creating an especially impressive video were the only piece of the puzzle. Today you need to refine your video strategy and start monitoring your performance too.

Marketing technology has evolved to fit the bill and you can now track exactly who’s watching your video content, and for how long.

A simple formula for a script concept can be to start with your customers’ pain points. Then explore what the consequences might be if a solution like the one you sell didn’t exist.

Whether you add a comedy sidekick, or look for how to make your customer’s pain points especially funny, these are both great approaches to brand storytelling too.

Another important thing to remember is that there are only a few things you can actually achieve with each 30-second video spot. Consult with your ad film agency on the one essential point of the video (the main objective that aligns with the goals of the business). Remind them that you’re not looking to include all of the messaging points in your video, rather you’re aiming to create a provocative, entertaining spot that gets people talking about, and remembering, the issue that your company can help them solve.


Most important thing is to find an ad film maker that understands your product, researches on your high and low points to achieve a maximum output on your ad film. Because I believe we are making it to make an impact on the public as well as ones making it should too. If the ones making it doesn’t get affected by the whole process and concept of the ad then how will the public feel any similar?

Never underestimate the people. If your ad film isn’t any better, they are going to toss it into dustbin like a flyer you give on a road. So you have to stay focused, enjoy the process, show feelings, bond with them.

If you are someone trying to figure out a good agency like that, you may consider make my film. Because I kept you engaged you for a while now then maybe make my film can do a better job.

Ultimate Strategy for Video Marketing by Experts

Ultimate Strategy for Video Marketing by Experts

Tips to master the art of video marketing. Shooting interesting videos just isn’t enough, it is important to market them in the right way.”

Done with creating an interesting and fun video about your business? Congrats, you are past one of the biggest hassles but there are more. Video making is not easy. You would have gone through late night works, a lot of creative brainstorming and finally the video is done.

Making a video is a thing but then comes marketing the video. Believe me, later one is a tough part and it needs your entire concentration just like video making. Businesses need to find some of the interesting ways in which they can market their videos so that it reaches their target audience effectively. This article will help you in getting insights into video marketing.

“Know your audience first before you start out marketing your product to them. Know where they are and create, publish ads there only.”


Content Optimization

Content optimization is not limited to blogs and articles. Any kind of content be it images or videos out there needs to be optimized according to the target audience.

Let us take an example that your video targets youngsters. Most of the youngsters watch videos on their mobiles and viewing experience on these small screens is entirely different when compared to watching them on desktops or TVs. So, it is important for you to optimize the video in such a way that it looks good and attractive on mobile.

This isn’t some Herculean task, you can get it done by hiring the right video marketing companies like MakeMyFilm. They implement this optimization strategy right when the video is in the production phase. This will ensure that the video is of high quality and reaches the right kind of audience that you are searching for.


Thumbnails Matter

Don’t judge a book by its cover is an old adage and isn’t something that will sit right with this generation. If you think of it, the books will have interesting covers which will actually attract people to read them. So, this idiom isn’t fit anywhere now.

This is the reason why you have to create interesting thumbnails which are quite similar to book covers. No matter where you are publishing the video content, make sure that the thumbnails are interesting. These thumbnails have the power to intrigue the audience and make them click on the video.

It is important to make them interesting and funny. While you are at it, make sure to avoid cringe and clickbait stuff. The audience wants to know more about your brand and not get fooled. So, be careful when you are setting up these thumbnails.

“The trust of the audience is one thing that matters for brands. These audiences can be your potential customers so make sure that you are not messing their trust with some clickbait thumbnails.”


Combine Different Marketing Techniques

Videos themselves are a great marketing option but integrating them with other marketing channels can amp up your marketing. Let us take the example of small giveaways. Giveaways are a new and fun marketing option that most brands are opting for. So, if you add a giveaway along with the video. It will ensure that audience will sit through the end of the video and also take some action.

You can add the video to your blog for marketing purposes too. Likewise, there are several options that you can explore.



Now, that’s a given. Optimizing the video details is also important. Starting from the video to meta tags and description, it is important to get SEO of the videos done in the right way for them to be ranked higher.

So, these are some of the tips that experts suggest for proper video marketing. However, following these tips to the point isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is where the marketing companies like MakeMyFilm will come into the picture. We will take responsibility for making intriguing videos and marketing them at the same time too. So, if you are looking for a reliable video marketing company then make sure to check us out on our website

Different Types of Video Marketing for your Business

Different Types of Video Marketing for your Business

“Brands are trusting video marketing more than ever and pushing this strategy onto various social and traditional marketing platforms. There are several types of marketing videos that brands can opt for and here are a few of them.”

Lately, companies are looking for new ways to market their business to the target audience. Although video marketing has been in existence forever, the dynamics are changing. Putting up an advertisement on television is not going to cut it. There are multiple ways to reach the target audience right now. This is where video marketing through multiple channels comes to the rescue.

One corporate film that you make will be compatible enough to be pushed onto various platforms. It can be published on social media platforms, ranked in the search engines, and at the same time shared in messaging apps. When you have these many options to explore for marketing, you have a high chance of getting confused. What types of videos will sit right with the audience? What are the types of video options that I have? These can be bigger questions.

In this article, we are going to explain to you a bunch of types of marketing videos that you can try.


Branding Videos

Branding videos usually means walking customers through your brand. Explaining them about your company in an interesting way along with its history, mission, vision, and goal. Along with these details, you can explain to customers how you can address their issues with your services or products. Branding videos are quite common and there is a section of customers who love to see these details.


Animated Videos

If you want to explain something that is tough to understand or hard to grasp, then animated videos can be your go-to solution. They are simple yet intriguing. These animated videos are capable of attracting people from different age groups.


Expert Interviews

Every company has experts who have knowledge of the type of product or service that the company offers. Bring such experts and interview them. This comes under informatic video type. In this social media era, customers focus on what kind of value you are offering them if you want them to follow you.

You put out marketing videos, BTS videos aren’t going to cut it. When you share valuable posts that can help them in one way or another, they will definitely follow you. These informative posts are nothing but a reason to make them follow your brand. There are different types of informative posts and of course, video stands atop of them all.


Ad Films

The ad films are nothing but promoting your brand across various platforms. These ad films should be creative and interesting enough to attract an audience. You won’t be sharing any kind of information in these videos rather you will be focusing on just marketing your brand in the best way possible. From funny jingles to raps, etc. there are a lot of things that you can do here.

These videos are something where you will get a chance to be creative and there won’t be any limits either. The target will be to put a stamp of your brand on the brains of viewers and it is quite easy to achieve too. The one thing that matters in these videos is how you can stimulate and make people connect emotionally with the brand.


Corporate Films

These are shot for creating brand awareness. These videos can be shared on various social media platforms and also you can use them in your meetings, conferences, etc. The corporate films will also help in getting your brand some traction.

So, these are some of the types of videos that you will find in the market. We have also added the purpose of each video too so that you can make your pick easily from them. At MakeMyFilm, we do all of the videos that are mentioned above.

Key benefits & Importance of Corporate Films for Business

Key benefits & Importance of Corporate Films for Business

“Corporate films are nothing less than a miracle now. It is important for companies to invest in these miracles and spread their brand across the world in an even effective way.”

Consuming content or information via images or text has become an old-school strategy now. This is the world where people are spending more and more time with videos when compared to any kind of text or images.

In this digital era, businesses are focusing more on their corporate films. Digital and other electronic AV mediums have become the right place to start promoting the company. With so many advertising agencies and creative brains out there, it has become absolutely easy for the brands to create interesting corporate films that will help in bringing brand awareness.

Different businesses in the market use these corporate films in different ways to gain traction. Right from creating engaging content to empowering brand awareness, corporate films can come in handy in various ways.

If you are a business owner and are still hesitating on why you have to do these corporate films, then this article is for you. We will talk about some of the benefits of these corporate films followed by an important suggestion. So, make sure to stick till the end of the article.

Flexible and Simple

Corporate videos are not just limited to social media promotion or TV advertisements. Once you get an interesting corporate film ready, you can use it on various social media platforms and at the same time use it as a TV advertisement. These corporate films can be so flexible and easy to spread across different types of social media platforms without any hassle.

Apart from promoting, you can use the same video in your annual conference or at a summit that you are planning on attending too. There are multiple ways to use these corporate films and let me remind you that this is just a one-time investment that will come bearing fruits every time.

“There is no better way for organizations to tell their stories than corporate films. It embraces different kinds of pain points and helps in telling the story of a brand or promote the brand in the best way possible.”


This is not any kind of hidden secret or something. No matter what field it is, adding a whiff of creativity into it is going to make a world of difference. When you are writing a promotional piece for your brand, the creativity that you can put into has limitations. You just cannot go beyond a certain point and there is nothing much to do about it either.

The same goes with images too. You don’t have a scope to be so creative when you are trying to bring brand awareness through one image only. However, you can explore a lot of things when you opt for video marketing.

The videos can be made in different ways and there is no limit to creativity there. If you hire the right media advertising agency like MakeMyFilm, you can get as much creative as you want with the videos and this will help in creating fun as well as intriguing corporate films.

Audience Love Videos

The number of people who share videos when compared to images and blogs, articles are more. The one thing that you have to ensure when creating videos is to target the emotional elements of customers and there you go. Your videos will keep getting shared and spread even after years.

There is an advertisement from one of the leading electronics companies in India. The company created this advertisement for only YouTube. It was created back in 2016 and still today people share it and get emotional. This is just to tell you how videos can have an impact.

If you are able to touch the pain points of your audience with the advertisements, then you are good to go. They will market your ad film by sharing it everywhere.

If you are looking to hire an organization that can create interesting yet informative corporate films for your brand, then you can stop looking. MakeMyFilm can be your go-to option. We won’t stop at creating videos, we will help in marketing them too.

Video Advertising – Right and Effective Way of Communication

Video Advertising - Right and Effective Way of Communication

“The business world has changed a lot after the pandemic. Businesses have started adapting to the new changes. It is always important to keep up with trends if you want to stay atop.”


COVID-19 have wreaked havoc in the country and it has become clear that the way the world is going to function after this pandemic is different. Companies, businesses be it service based or product based now have to adapt to the new working environment. Apart from businesses should adopt new marketing strategies to make a significant impact on customers. At the time where people are affected mentally, physically, and financially there are some organizations that took up video communication.

It is important to remember that this video communication is not just for promoting but also to help people. There are some videos that brought in motivation, there are some that entertained and then there were some videos that showed how organizations are helping people amidst this pandemic. Either way, video communication has played a very important part in keeping the audience hooked to the brand. 

Here are some of the benefits of opting for video marketing rather than normal advertising.


Your Target Audience Consume Videos

This should be the only probable reason that you need. The number of people who consume video content is a lot more than the usual advertising. It is said that more than 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube on every day basis. Do you need any other reason to produce video content? Opting for video marketing can take you even closer to the audience and make your brand resonate.

Although video marketing is rising, it is important for brands to understand that not every video that they create is going to attract an audience. They have to be extremely careful and creative at the same time. Videos with emotional content, be it heart-touching or funny are some of the great options that you can opt for when you are trying video marketing.


Search Engines Love Video Content

Not just your target audience, some of the giant search engine sites are also interested in ranking video content on top. Most of the search engine algorithm tweaks will result in a higher ranking of the video content. So, companies should start distributing their video content on various social media platforms, YouTube, embed it in their website and blogs too.

This will cause a better ranking of the site which will eventually help with your RoI. Your target audience will start finding the content that you put online even more easily now because of this search engine support.


Better Storytelling

When it comes to telling a story, there is no other better way than videos. Whatever you want to say, you can do it in a better way, every emotion will resonate with the audience and the video can have a much larger impact on them. It is no secret that videos are the best way to tell a story.

It will help in connecting the viewers’ emotions to your product/service.


Tell More in Less Time

Writing about your product or service will take time and reading it also needs a lot of patience. But that is not the case with videos. With the help of video marketing, you can tell a lot of things in quite less time.

Making the videos fun and engaging will help in attracting more audiences and keep you hooked at the same time.


Mobile Users Love Video Content

Now, this is another interesting thing that needs to be discussed. The number of mobile users who watch videos completely is increasing. Almost 88% of mobile users sit through the end of videos that are in the time frame of 30 seconds or less.

This is different for those who are viewing videos on the computer but all in all. However, people using the internet on mobile are on the raise and this is the right time for companies to push short video format marketing.

So, these are some of the advantages of video advertising for companies. If you are looking for a reliable advertising agency that can not only create videos for your brand but also market them in such a way that it reaches your target audience, then MakeMyFilm should be your go-to option. Check out our website for more details.

Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad | Importance of Video Marketing

Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad | Importance of Video Marketing

Are you looking for Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad? Over the years the trend in digital marketing has a drastic change. Starting with Video content marketing. It has become the reason for success. Everywhere around the world. The implementation of the videos has a huge impact on the target audience.

Regardless of the competition in the market. Small or big companies are ready to practice different methods. To stand out and get that brand recognition. Now, more than ever, the audience is demanding variations in the content.

So, to meet their needs companies are changing their point of view towards marketing. To launch new products and services or to introduce a new feature in the product. Business owners are using a simple yet effective visual medium. Educating the viewers, entertaining, and of course, getting attention. Organizations putting their MasterCard. This means without letting viewers realize. Companies are injecting their brand name into people’s minds. Which leads to brand recognition.


Here are The Five Points How Videos Impact the Audience:

  • Online Presence:

Including a video on your landing page to increase the conversion rate by up to 80%. (Unbounce)

Having an attractive website is not enough to convert the web user into a lead. It requires more effort. The levels of difficulty can be lower. By adding the videos in your landing page or your home pages. Where it gives a reason for the visitor to stick around the website for a while. In the meantime, you can get a chance to put your offer, or point of view.

It let the buyer decide to make a decision. Moreover, the customers will have a great experience.


  • Getting personal:

In emails Adding videos can increase click rates by 300%. (HubSpot)

Emails have been an amazing way to interact with the prospectors. Yet, Emails can alone not get you where you are trying to go. Doing a little extra, creating the content for videos will put you a step further in competition. Using different email templates that are available in the market. You can add the videos to your emails. In that, you can showcase your thoughts, values, solutions. Put in practice this step will make this process more interactive and interesting. Instead of one-side conversations.


  • Choosing the right platform:

On YouTube video get over five billion views every day (VideoNitch)

Since you are preparing the video strategies. Keep in mind to choose the right platforms. There is no doubt YouTube could be your go-to option. Where you can leverage more traffic on your website and generate more leads. 

There is a wide scope, where you can answer the question that most marketers struggle for. How to get video ideas? You can get the answers to media content ideas from this platform.

It is a hub for different types of videos over the internet.


  • Use the power of communication:

70% of all global consumer traffic will be video-related in 2017.

The voice of brands getting louder every single day. As the numbers of video consumers are raising. The benefits of this video consumption is enormous. Videos not only view to sell the product but also interacting with the audience. Learning about them and an essential point, giving them an easy way to understand.


  • Psychology Fact:

According to statistics, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals information understood 60,0000 times faster than text.

The video vs text game, videos beat the text format content. It is simple for a layman to understand the images. Rather than text which takes time to process the information. By the above stats, humans understand and remember visual information for a longer period.

That’s the reason influencer marketing gaining recognition more. Researches show that over 100 million internet users watch a video every day. It levels up the scope of videos.


Best Ad Film Agency in Hyderabad:

When the trends are changing and the Videos are evolving in different types. Put your front step into the world of Advertising with Make My Film. A video production and marketing agency. Here, you can boost your business with different videos.

For more details visit our website

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is More Important for your Business

Video marketing has become the trend to promote any kind of product and service. And the expansion of this industry is rapid. As the people are enjoying and watching the visual content. So, the marketers adopting the video language. To communicate with a wide range of audiences.

Why Video Marketing is More Important for your Business

Why Video Marketing is More Important for your Business

Growing your business online has become intimidating. But you can cherry-pick some of the easiest ways to speed up your business growth.

One of the ways is if you want to stand in front of the right customers, at the right, and at the right place. Then, you must get into the world of videos. There is no other way as effective as this one.

Don’t believe my words, right? It is proven that, By 2022, online visual recordings traffic will rise more than 82% — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. (Cisco)

This could alone showcase that implementing electronic media is not only need. It is now a necessity to move forward.

And if you still lifting your eyebrows and rolling your eyes. Questioning yourself is it important to adopt?

Then, answer this question, when was the last you watch any video?

It could be a minute ago, an hour, a day, a month. You know the answer, there is no way that you can escape from it (almost from most platforms).

What I am trying to explain to you is, when you alone can’t ignore it. Then, it is the medium that you can speak with the masses. Without any objection & on point.

Now, you are pretty much convinced, then let’s see in detail.


Definition of Video Marketing:

It is using the way to promote your business digitally. And reach out to many people to increase engagement. Through ad films, short films, commercials, etc.,

Storytelling is the art that reflects in Documentaries, Tutorials, Testimonials, or company manifestos.

This is the one method that includes in the web marketer’s checklist.

How effective is web video marketing?

This can only measure by end results, response, and conversion rate.

Speaking in terms of effectiveness, then it is a reliable source to reach to the various mediums.

For 80% of video marketers video has helped in increasing sales.


To know the more advantages of visual marketing. Read on…

  1. Increase Conversion:

According to the sources, 80% of marketers experience in their business. Video has helped increase sales.

It is proven that ad films have done magic on humans. Since it the prominent method to grab the attention of the viewers. Holding them on the website for a while to view the content. That means lowering the bounce rate of your site.

Increasing the chances of converting into a lead.


  1. SEO Benefit:

Making the whole web visual content SEO friendly will help in google rankings.

Since Google is the world’s biggest search engine platform. Showing up on the first page means getting the attention of your potential customers.

Yet, it needs efforts to create exciting content. That can grab the attention of the target customers.

That means in the meta tags, description, and URL adding the keywords. Which helps in the ranking on search engines.


  1. Deliver the Message:

If you are launching a product, and the feature and benefits are complex. Then turning that hard-to-understand information into snip motion video. Here, is a quick marketing statics

Around 72% of customers learn about a product or service by watching videos. (HubSpot)

To let the buyers, buy your product. First, they should understand how your product can benefit them. To do this, make the video short and message-oriented. By watching this the customer must learn how they can solve their problems.


  1. Explore various platforms:

Video can share on various platforms, Social media posts with videos have 48% more views. (The Marketing Helpline)

For businesses, promotional marketing is an added advantage. As the articles and blogs can be shared on different mediums. Likewise, videos have more options to explore the various platforms. As compared to plain text format.

Also, you can reuse this as articles and blogs or vice versa.


  1. Add a human touch:

The reason why big companies are ready to spend millions of dollars to create one commercial. Because they have to understand. That selling the product alone will not fetch anything in return. So, they sell the emotions or we can say as they trigger the target audience’s emotions.

Let me illustrate this one for you.

On friendship day, you are not buying the friendship band. You are celebrating the true friend & years of bond.

Now, let’s take business examples

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke campaign” Coca-Cola touches the emotions of people.

With an experiment, printing the customer names on the coke cans. By doing this 5% of sales are increased in a few months.

There are many reasons behind this success. First, the company understood. That if they want the customers to come in. They should get into customers’ life. And they did exactly.

There are certain tricks you need to add to the video. So, it can let the viewer take a memory line.

As your customers are living beings, have feelings, and can sense the pain. Then, add the emotions like Happiness, Amazement, Humour, Pleasure, Contempt, Joy, and Inspiration. Research shows that the ad succeeded in electroencephalogram (EEG) in generating a 23% hike in sales.


Leverage Digital Advertising at Make My Film

So, you have seen some of the best advertising benefits in this post. Where things get clear on how you can maximize the brand identity with video marketing. Since you know the importance of this concept.

Then why not take the first step with Make My Film in Hyderabad. A video production and marketing agency. Where you can start taking major steps to turn your vision into a mission.

To work with us. Simply, visit our website and fill out your requirements, and soon we will get back to you.

How YouTube can be your
perfect marketing tool

It’s time to change the way you think about video. The days of shooting, producing, and editing a single-serving video are over – your audience demands more, and your business deserves better.

How YouTube can be your perfect marketing tool

How YouTube can be your perfect marketing tool

Benefits of using YouTube to Market your business

Youtube is a life changer. The iconic red button has revolutionized entertainment content & viewing in so many different ways.  Launched careers for Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines), Sandeep Maheshwari(Motivational Speakers), Tanmay Bhatt( stand Up Comedian) & so many more. With corona lockdown extending way beyond expectations, probably everyone had their own youtube channel by now. Over these years it has literally become part & parcel of our lives.

That said, from a business perspective, youtube is a magical box opening myriad of possibilities. However, the surprise lies in the fact that YouTube or video marketing is still new & so much is still left to be explored. 

So let’s find out how you can use YouTube Marketing to your best advantage


Capturing Attention

It’s an attention deficit internet world, no one probably not a single individual is sitting & reading stuff on the internet unless he/she is a student/individual looking up information.  In such a scenario advertising your brand is tricky.

On other hand, Users view more than 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube. (YouTube) & Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. (Insivia)

While your target consumers might be scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, on YouTube they are sitting & watching videos. But here’s the catch they are not looking for Brands or restaurant recommendations, their only goal is entertainment.

In order to benefit from the viewing hours, you need to work with the user’s intent rather than against it.  How?

You can serve the user’s content either by creating your own youtube channel that not just only informs but entertain the viewers. Product placement in YouTube original content, sponsoring them are different ways to make your brands visible.

Creating Youtube Ads is another way but again ad placement, keywords become important.

With the right content, those watching informational/entertaining videos can get to know your brand better and in a positive light; while ads, in precisely the TV advertising vein, can improve brand recall, overall reputation.


But what kind of videos will give me high traffic?

  • 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. (Google)
  • YouTube is the second most popular website after Google. (Alexa)

You tube’s reach is far more comprehensive & varied than regular television and cable stations. What’s more, predictions suggest that by 2025, half of the people under 32 years old will not subscribe to a pay-TV service. In a few years video marketing would cease to be a trend but another step in everyone’s marketing plan.

Creating content around your brands that users actually want to see is important

Here some types of videos that can take your marketing strategy to the next level

Explainer video – Show how your product or service can addresses commonly occurring problems in your audience.

Training video – Reveal how customers can use your products or services to extract maximum benefits. 

Customer stories – share your real customers’ journey & how they achieved desired results with your product or service (Please not like clichéd TV ad but in a professional real-life experience style)



For Viral Content

Emotion: sure shot way, real emotion gets a lot of engagement & support

Stories: Narratives are important for a sense of communication.

Triggers: Something that consumers would remember( shock them or make them laugh/sad)  when they think about your brand

Practical Value: Short actionable solutions put in an interesting way always works right


Social network Integration

The landscape of video content has changed drastically. There is Snapchat, video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Instagram stories, Facebook Live, the options are literally becoming endless each passing day.  While you maintain a strong youtube marketing strategy at the same time engage with other video channels. These channels should complement or support your youtube content.

Similarly, distribute your YouTube content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Reddit.  Social media users generally prefer sharing video content over any other content format. According to research from WordStream, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

The more popular your YouTube video becomes, the higher it will rank. As the video increases in popularity, the better the chance that associated links will be clicked, which will also grow your online business presence.


SEO benefits from adding videos to your website

Youtube videos are often ranked high up on Google search pages. It’s no secret that website content with quality youtube videos often appears first in the main page therefore treat your YouTube content like blogs (almost). Conduct keyword research & then optimize your videos by putting keywords in title, description & tags

Here are few more ways you can get a better ranking with video content on your webpages

Build backlinks – Putting high-quality video within your website content can earn quality backlinks within your industry (obviously good content is appreciated) which helps boost your ranking. 

Reduce bounce rate – Including a relevant, valuable video on your webpage will keep visitors around longer, especially if they watch the video through to the end. 

Earn high ranks in video suggestions – If your video is super relevant and optimized, Google might rank it under their suggested videos.


Why Make My Film

YouTube’s potential is endless and extracting the maximum benefits requires professionals. That’s why you need to Make My Film. At MakeMyFilm, we produce and market attention-grabbing, brand-boosting, and wallet-opening videos that will connect, convince and convert curious viewers into loyal fans and casual browsers into committed buyers. We create content that you can’t help but like & share with others.

Explore the endless possibilities of Video Marketing with us.

Want to know more? Scroll down & Contact us.

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Why Video Marketing is so powerful for your Digital Marketing?

It’s time to change the way you think about video. The days of shooting, producing and editing a single-serving video are over – your audience demands more, and your business deserves better.

Why Video Marketing is so powerful for your Digital Marketing?

Why Video Marketing is so powerful for your Digital Marketing?

In the coming years, no one would be asking this question. In the unprecedented rise of digital marketing, videos have played an integral part. Nothing else guarantees better conversion & genuine engagements than a properly made promotional video.  

 Your website still doesn’t have videos? You are falling behind. It’s time to prioritize video marketing in your digital marketing strategy. Asking why??

Let’s look into the top reasons why promotional videos are important for your Digital Marketing Strategy


Why Promotional Videos

A promotional video is usually a minute-long video that educates the viewers on the company/product/services.  It interestingly explains the benefits of the service and builds confidence around the company or brand.


Human Element

Your online consumers haven’t seen your company. It’s just an internet website that’s all.

With promotional videos you are giving the viewers a chance to see the company, making the brand more real & memorable. Any viewer can better connect through a promo video than with texts arranged in paragraphs/ pointers. It also increases the trust value at no extra cost


Brand Awareness

No one has time. It’s a fast world. So how would you explain your business in 1 minute.

You can’t but a Promotional video can.

 A short promotional video explains your business so that you don’t have to. It can even do it better. Your promo video can be funny, visually attractive, cutely animated, anyway that you want but in the end, it will always leave a lasting impression.


SEO benefits

Google owns You Tube & Google loves Videos.

So a promotional video on the website will definitely give you a higher rank on the Google Search page. There is no doubt about it. And what’s better is if you optimize your video content with the right keyword your Promotional video can come under suggested video section for a particular service


Cheaper Make better ROI

Are you thinking that Promotional Videos are expensive???

Unlike Popular opinion they are NOT expensive to make. It’s a one minute video & completely affordable for any medium to small businesses. Comparatively the ROI is just tremendous.


Any internet user cannot resist the play button. If we see a small-sized video on a website the viewer cannot help but click to know what it is. And if your video is interesting enough, the user would share it, talk about it & might want to use the brand itself


Increasing Visibility with shareable content

Internet generation loves to share. Sharing interesting posts, videos, memes on Social Media is sort of a habit. In this sharing circle videos rule

A video on Social media generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. (G2 Crowd). Any internet user cannot resist sharing an interesting video on social media. In that way naturally increasing brand visibility.


Measure Your Success

Promotional Videos can be measured too.

Video Marketing metrics let you track engagement, the number of Views, shares, Play rate, etc. One thing that is different for videos is updation. Each day technology is advancing so is the quality of media content. You cannot run your promotion with the same video for years. Video quality of 2008-10 is totally different from what we enjoy today. That’s where these video metrics will help to check your content & update it with the times.


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Hey you, you have uploaded your brand video, posted it with the right tags. Did everything you had to do but wait what???

There are so few views, no one has shared it & the comment section feels like a barren, empty & forgotten place. What is happening? Why is this happening???

We understand how you feel & that’s why we have come up with this blog article.  Because it’s difficult to explain your brand message in just 60- 120 seconds. And that’s where better scripting comes in.

The script is the foundation of your brand video upon which lies its success. So if you think a strong script isn’t important for a 2-minute ad film, then think again.

Did your thinking???

Now let’s get to the point. How to make a freaking good script for a branding video.

Let’s find out

How to Script a brand video?

Step 1  Plan Your Goals

Don’t go straight into writing your script or creating a rough sketch as well.  Start by understanding your goals & asking yourself these questions

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What should they take away from this video?
  • What is my approach?
  • Why will anyone watch my video?

Once you have rough answers to all these questions then you can more confidently sketch out your script for the brand video.


Step 2 Crafting Story outline

You want to emotionally engage with your target audience but then your branding video is just a script turned into a video format.

Where’s the story???

If you want to achieve any target with your brand video you can only do so by engaging/connecting with your consumer. For that, you need a story or narrative to get your viewers hooked till the end. 

In this step what you need to do is simple. Just write your video’s core or basic story you plan to display in just five sentences. Because the more precise it will be, the more clear you are in your head & the message will reach better.


Step3 Let’s build the story

Now comes the ‘work’ part or let’s say the fun part. Writing a good story

  1. Hook from the start

As obvious it is to everyone, it is the most difficult thing to achieve. To make this easier you write something emotional or out of the box. Something you know will grab viewers’ attention definitely.

  1. Focus on a single message

Remember I told you about five sentences core story, well here it’s the best usage. It will help you formulate a single message & wrap up your story around it accordingly.

  1. A strong message

Apart from telling about your brand, your script should give something to remember, something that viewers learn or seem fresh & interesting. Basically, the viewers should feel that their valuable 2min or 5 min were not wasted.


Step 4 Got to end it well

We are nearing the end but don’t lose heart or patience. Because you need to end well and reinstate your brand name/message into the viewer’s mind.

No, not a sudden logo or link.

Instead of these, you can ask questions/ suggestions

  • Sign up for a demo?
  • Want to share the video? (Click Below)
  • Subscribe to our newsletter?
  • What do you think about *this* concept? (Comment below)


Step 5 Check  Check  Check

So you have prepared a final rough draft script for your video.

Now pretend you are a viewer & read through it

Check for

  • Is Subject interesting all along & all you have planned is on the paper clearly or not
  • Vocabulary, words should be simple no usage of industry jargon


 Step 6 Edit It

Read your script multiple times. Make sure there are memorable lines & no unnecessary explanation.

  • Cut short longer sentences
  • Reword any extra information that you feel is going to look boring or adds extra time

Remember one thing while editing: It’s not about reducing the word count but preserving what matters the most to your brand video


Step 7 Read & Listen

So you have prepared your final script. It’s lying beside you in all its glory.

Now read your script aloud

Sounds stupid. No its not

Reading your whole script will help you to catch any word that is stopping the flow or seems utterly useless. You can also run your script through a program to check its voiceover read time.


Step 8 Get Feedback

So now you have gone through your script a thousand times.

Time to pass it on to fresh eyes

Usually what happens with writing is you think that you have written the best like this is the ultimate script. And when someone else reads it he/she/they tell you pointers/mistakes that you haven’t realized until now.

This is a good thing because not only does it give a fresh perspective to improve the script but also helps you correct errors that were literally invisible to you.

Tried these ideas? What do you think about them? Tell us through the below contact details


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