5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is More Important for your Business

Video marketing has become the trend to promote any kind of product and service. And the expansion of this industry is rapid. As the people are enjoying and watching the visual content. So, the marketers adopting the video language. To communicate with a wide range of audiences.

Why Video Marketing is More Important for your Business

Why Video Marketing is More Important for your Business

Growing your business online has become intimidating. But you can cherry-pick some of the easiest ways to speed up your business growth.

One of the ways is if you want to stand in front of the right customers, at the right, and at the right place. Then, you must get into the world of videos. There is no other way as effective as this one.

Don’t believe my words, right? It is proven that, By 2022, online visual recordings traffic will rise more than 82% — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. (Cisco)

This could alone showcase that implementing electronic media is not only need. It is now a necessity to move forward.

And if you still lifting your eyebrows and rolling your eyes. Questioning yourself is it important to adopt?

Then, answer this question, when was the last you watch any video?

It could be a minute ago, an hour, a day, a month. You know the answer, there is no way that you can escape from it (almost from most platforms).

What I am trying to explain to you is, when you alone can’t ignore it. Then, it is the medium that you can speak with the masses. Without any objection & on point.

Now, you are pretty much convinced, then let’s see in detail.


Definition of Video Marketing:

It is using the way to promote your business digitally. And reach out to many people to increase engagement. Through ad films, short films, commercials, etc.,

Storytelling is the art that reflects in Documentaries, Tutorials, Testimonials, or company manifestos.

This is the one method that includes in the web marketer’s checklist.

How effective is web video marketing?

This can only measure by end results, response, and conversion rate.

Speaking in terms of effectiveness, then it is a reliable source to reach to the various mediums.

For 80% of video marketers video has helped in increasing sales.


To know the more advantages of visual marketing. Read on…

  1. Increase Conversion:

According to the sources, 80% of marketers experience in their business. Video has helped increase sales.


It is proven that ad films have done magic on humans. Since it the prominent method to grab the attention of the viewers. Holding them on the website for a while to view the content. That means lowering the bounce rate of your site.

Increasing the chances of converting into a lead.


  1. SEO Benefit:

Making the whole web visual content SEO friendly will help in google rankings.

Since Google is the world’s biggest search engine platform. Showing up on the first page means getting the attention of your potential customers.

Yet, it needs efforts to create exciting content. That can grab the attention of the target customers.

That means in the meta tags, description, and URL adding the keywords. Which helps in the ranking on search engines.


  1. Deliver the Message:

If you are launching a product, and the feature and benefits are complex. Then turning that hard-to-understand information into snip motion video. Here, is a quick marketing statics

Around 72% of customers learn about a product or service by watching videos. (HubSpot)


To let the buyers, buy your product. First, they should understand how your product can benefit them. To do this, make the video short and message-oriented. By watching this the customer must learn how they can solve their problems.


  1. Explore various platforms:

Video can share on various platforms, Social media posts with videos have 48% more views. (The Marketing Helpline)

For businesses, promotional marketing is an added advantage. As the articles and blogs can be shared on different mediums. Likewise, videos have more options to explore the various platforms. As compared to plain text format.

Also, you can reuse this as articles and blogs or vice versa.


  1. Add a human touch:

The reason why big companies are ready to spend millions of dollars to create one commercial. Because they have to understand. That selling the product alone will not fetch anything in return. So, they sell the emotions or we can say as they trigger the target audience’s emotions.

Let me illustrate this one for you.

On friendship day, you are not buying the friendship band. You are celebrating the true friend & years of bond.

Now, let’s take business examples

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke campaign” Coca-Cola touches the emotions of people.

With an experiment, printing the customer names on the coke cans. By doing this 5% of sales are increased in a few months.

There are many reasons behind this success. First, the company understood. That if they want the customers to come in. They should get into customers’ life. And they did exactly.

There are certain tricks you need to add to the video. So, it can let the viewer take a memory line.

As your customers are living beings, have feelings, and can sense the pain. Then, add the emotions like Happiness, Amazement, Humour, Pleasure, Contempt, Joy, and Inspiration. Research shows that the ad succeeded in electroencephalogram (EEG) in generating a 23% hike in sales.


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